Snippet Space, future of web development

Snippet is definitely the ideal choice for small business owners looking to get into the world of online presence. Read on to find out why!

Welcome to SnippetSpace

Snippet Space is all of the buzz of Apple device users and for good reason. There are not many apps that offer the convenience of building and launching a new website or web app from one’s phone or other mobile gadgets. While some traditional web development companies remain true to the desktop model, Snippet Space moves into the future of web development that revolves around rapidity and diversity.

Snippet Space was founded in 2009 by Christopher Plieger. The visionary of the company could not have imagined his invention growing to become one of the most successful iPhone web app tools at the time of its inception, yet Snippet Space is the go-to app for developers who use the Apple platform.


Many find the app helpful because of its ability to help beginners create websites or web apps without extensive training in the area. Snippet Space uses a file package called iWebKit that is accessible and free to all users. Even those with limited HTML knowledge and experience can benefit from the program as iWebKit comes equipped with a user guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a website or web app.

Some website builders have elements that prevent the average user from easily starting the creation process. Snippet Space through iWebKit, however, utilizes the benefit of block building to provide a smooth user experience that the young and old can appreciate. Creators only need to put certain pieces of code in the right order to see their dreams of a website or app come to life. Adding text is also a breeze since there are boxes that specifically delineate where words can go.
Snippet Space also gives users a flexible framework. There are many templates that creators can choose from, which gives the varied finished look that small business owners love. No one wants to see a replica of their website as represented by another company’s online presence.

Snippet Space through iWebKit solves the problem of similarity by provided options to users. Creators can mix and match boxes to further tailor templates to fit their personality. No one website is made alike on this platform.

Snippet Space through iWebKit offers the latest HTML5 technology, which gives users the benefit of the lightest and fastest loading framework. Fast speeds are also made possible by generated graphics that take the place of traditional images. Snippet Space excludes heavy javascript libraries, which further slow down the competitors.

Perhaps one of the greatest perks associated with iWebKit is its low cost. In fact, the service is free to non-commercial users. Those who want to use the service for commercial purposes are encouraged to signup using one of the available package plans.

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Christopher Plieger was 18-years-old when he created Snippet Space. The innovator completed most of his studies at HHL in Germany where he obtained undergraduate as well as graduate degrees. While studying his career successfully took off and that’s when Christopher became one of the shareholders for online casino MrGreen Germany. This laid down the foundation for his current company – Snippet Space.

Much of Chris Plieger’s studies focused on marketing and product development, which is why his vision and creation of Snippet Space came as little surprise to those who knew him well.

Plieger was born in Woudrichem in 1991. The area is best described as a quaint town in the Netherlands and provides many opportunities for dreaming and growth. Chris moved to France in 2003 and remained in the country for 10 years. It was in France that the youngster established Snippet Space.

Christopher Plieger relocated to Spain in 2013 worked for Merkurmagic casino y Apuestas Deportivas and spent four months in South Korea to fulfill the requirements of his graduate program.  Read more…