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Christopher PliegerWelcome to SnippetSpace. This is the home of everything my brain makes me do and build. I mainly Focus on design and website development trough projects like iWebKit, but other things might get posted here one day.

I focus on cutting edge technologies like HTML5 and always am passionate about the latest advances in web and “real world” technology.

A quick history

SnippetSpace was created during the summer of 2010. I initially had a website at iwebkit.net which focused only on iWebKit from version 1 to 5. I decided I wanted to extend my work and build a more general website where I could post more projects and create a real community around web designing and my undertakings.

As I just said, I got started in this space by launching the first “version” of iWebKit in September of 2008. It started off as a simple and fun way to play around with the iPhone html5 capabilities that were very novel back then. As soon as I noticed people were interested in my project and started deploying it I decided to concentrate full time on its development. Since then it has been a real treat to develop it more and more.

I have had many people helping me along the way of developing iWebKit. Eric march of TouchPodium was the first to give me a hand by offering me reliable hosting on his server, then Johan van Wilsum arrived and helped me set up a brand new website designed by him, on a server of my own. In the end I ended up here, on SnippetSpace.

About me

My name is Christopher Plieger, I’m 20 years old and currently a student at the Business School of Montpellier, in France. During my entire childhood, computers have been at the center of my interests. I have always been experimenting with computers, all the way from Windows 95 to all modern operation systems.

In 2003 I moved to France with my parents, I’m originally from the Netherlands. I made my first website for my parents in order to advertise the rental of vacation apartments, which is their main activity till this day. Just by playing around, using the piece of junk called FrontPage I managed to create a basic website with buttons, a background and text pages. A year later I was able to set up a better, more complete website you can now see at http://lou-castelet.fr.

That was the start of my passion for Web Design. After I finish my business school I plan on creating my own web-centric Company. Entrepreneurship has always attracted me and the web is the perfect way for me to express my tech craving. If you want more information about me you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile or send me an email.

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